Flap Control Unit for BMW X6M / X5M

Flap Control Unit for BMW X6M / X5M
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Flap Control Unit made by insidePerformance for BMW X6M / BM X5M We offer a modul / system... more
Product information "Flap Control Unit for BMW X6M / X5M"

Flap Control Unit made by insidePerformance for BMW X6M / BM X5M

We offer a modul / system for optimizing the exhaust flap-control (FCU = Flap Control Unit) for BMW X5M and BMW X6M

Working in combination with original exhaust or all custom- / sports-eshausts like our X6M STEALTH flap controles exhaust or others (i.e. Akrapovic Evolution,..).

This solution is a modul / unit that can be easily installed by yourself in just a few minutes.

Finally, sound can be choosen by yourself - at anytime - independant from M-drivers menu / M power button!

Advantages of our solution (compared to the original controlling system):

    • Exhaust flaps can be opened at any time and instantly!
    • no additional hardware / changes necessary - only our small IP-FCU modul hat to be connected inside the trunc
    • flaps are opened by using an original and already existing button in your vehicle: The EDC button (next to your gearshift)
    • The choosen flap position (opened or closed) stays saved - even if you turn ignition of on your car. After starting your BMW again, same setting is active again (with your original flap control (M-Menu), setting always switches back to "flap closed" if you restart your engine)
    • Flap is opened / cloesed independant from the M-Menu / M-Button. The inconvenient and hypersensitive M-Button-Setting does not have to be activated anymore if you like your X6M / X5M to be loud
    • The original integrated safety feature (flap opens on klickdown or high RPMs) stays alive and is not influenced/overwritten by our system (independant of which setting you have choosen).
    • Even on cold starting, flaps can be opened (not possible with OEM / original control / M-Menu)

Plug & Play solution. The modul is supplied with all connectors and parts you need. Detailed installation manual can be found here. Installation time: 20 minutes. Only 4 cables and one plug have to be connected (only plug everything in - no soldering / cutting).

Vehicle models: X - X5 / X6 / X5M / X6M
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"Flap Control Unit for BMW X6M / X5M"
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