Performance / Power measurement

Performance / Power measurement
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Performance / power measurement for nearly every car. We are able to measure up to 2000 Nm /... more
Product information "Performance / Power measurement"
Performance / power measurement for nearly every car.

We are able to measure up to 2000 Nm / 1500 ft lbf of torque and up to 1500 HP power (even more possible on enquiry)

Therefore we do not measure on a simple dyno / power testing station, but with high precession swiss instruments on the road during driving.

  • realistic measurement - because airstream is highly important for modern cars (cooling / performance gain on turbo / supercharged cars with intercoolers). Realistic airflow can not be simulated on ordinary stationary dynos. Result: modern turbo / supercharged cars do not achive their maximum streeet power and torque on regular dynos. But they do with our measurement concept!
  • easy measurement of 4-wheel-drive cars, supersport cars, dragsters and all other kind of cars and trucks
  • virtually no risk for your car! On a dyno, there is always the danger of overheatening the car or even crashing it if something on the dyno breaks or just a belt rips
  • virtually no wear on the car

Date by appointment.

We can measure using the following standards: EWG, DIN, ISO, SAE

Of caurse you will get a full performance chart with all data:
  • maximales Drehmoment (NM)
  • Maximale Leistung (PS / kW)
  • Normleistung
  • Motorleistung
  • Radleistung
  • grafische Darstellung von Drehmoment und Leistung in Abhängigkeit der Drehzahl

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"Performance / Power measurement"
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